Unveiling Hitek Solution's Software
at the New Balance Quality Summit 2024


The recently concluded New Balance Quality Summit 2024 has set a new benchmark for innovation and excellence in the footwear industry. Attendees from across the globe gathered to witness first-hand the groundbreaking advancements that are revolutionizing quality assurance and product excellence. Hitek Solution is proud to be a presenter at this year’s summit as we introduce a suite of cutting-edge software solutions meticulously tailored to address the unique needs of the globally renowned New Balance brand.

Shipping Inspection Real-time: A Game-Changer for Quality Control

Through a series of engaging live demonstrations and interactive sessions, attendees gained invaluable insights into how this application is consolidate the landscape of quality assurance during the critical shipping process.

What sets this software apart is its comprehensive deployment across multiple pivotal stages of the production and shipping pipeline, including End of Line, SI Online, SI, and Third-Party SI. This holistic approach ensures an unwavering commitment to quality management from the moment a product leaves the production line until it is ready for shipment.

Participants were able to see the software's ability to seamlessly integrate advanced quality management and quality assurance protocols. They witnessed firsthand how it enables meticulous inspection of goods at every stage, providing a robust defense against potential quality issues before products embark on their journey to customers worldwide.

One of the most talked-about features was the software's capability to accurately calculate critical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) based on the industry-standard Defects Per Million (DPPM) opportunities. Attendees marveled at the granular and multifaceted analysis it provides, breaking down quality metrics according to defect codes, style numbers, and model series. This level of detail empowers quality control teams to identify and address issues with unprecedented precision and efficiency.

Empowering Factories and QC Managers with Power BI Integration

A major highlight of the Shipping Inspection Real-time software showcase was its seamless integration with Power BI, Microsoft's powerful business intelligence and data visualization tool. This strategic integration drew significant attention from factory managers and Quality Control (QC) professionals in attendance.

Through a series of insightful presentations and hands-on demonstrations, participants gained a deep understanding of how this integration empowers factories and QC managers to monitor product quality in real-time. The intuitive dashboards and interactive reports provided by Power BI offer unprecedented visibility into quality metrics, enabling quick identification of trends and potential issues.

Attendees were particularly excited about the ability to leverage Power BI's robust analytical capabilities and visually compelling data representations. They learned how to quickly spot anomalies, identify recurring problems, and make data-driven decisions that uphold the highest standards of quality. The real-time nature of the data flow ensures that quality control teams can respond swiftly to emerging issues, minimizing the risk of defective products reaching customers.

Lab Test Software: Precision in Material Quality Assessment

Another standout innovation unveiled at the New Balance summit was Hitek Solution's Lab Test software, a specialized application tailored to meet the exacting standards of New Balance. This cutting-edge solution manages and analyzes readings from Tensile machines, measuring the strength and integrity of bonded materials used in footwear construction with unparalleled accuracy.

Attendees had the opportunity to engage in live demonstrations and interactive sessions that showcased the software's capabilities. They witnessed how manufacturers can manage each pull point value with granular precision, enabling comprehensive error analysis according to specific models and test types. This level of detail allows for early detection of potential bonding issues, ensuring that only the highest quality materials make it into the final product.

One of the most impressive features of the Lab Test software is its sophisticated control histogram chart. This visual representation of error cases facilitates easy identification, monitoring, and root cause analysis of potential issues. Participants were particularly impressed by how this tool enables quality control teams to quickly pinpoint problematic batches or recurring issues, allowing for swift corrective action and continuous improvement of bonding processes.

Embracing Data-Driven Decision-Making and Continuous Improvement

Throughout the summit, a recurring theme was Hitek Solution's unwavering commitment to data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement. This philosophy resonated strongly with attendees, who recognized the critical importance of leveraging data to stay competitive in the fast-paced footwear industry.

Recap of New Balance Quality Summit 2024

As the New Balance Quality Summit 2024 came to a close, the event had been a resounding success. Through its strategic partnership with Hitek Solution, New Balance is now better equipped than ever to offer products that consistently delight and inspire their loyal customer base while pushing the boundaries of what's possible in footwear manufacturing. The positive feedback and enthusiasm from participants have set the stage for an even more exciting and innovative summit in the years to come.

Participants gained valuable insights into how the comprehensive data export capabilities of Hitek Solution's software, combined with the powerful analytics features of Power BI, empower New Balance with actionable insights derived from a wealth of raw data. This data-centric approach enables not only root cause analysis and targeted corrective actions but also facilitates proactive planning and strategic decision-making.

Through engaging panel discussions and real-world case studies, attendees learned how New Balance continuously monitors and analyzes quality metrics across multiple dimensions. This approach allows the company to identify areas for improvement, optimize processes, and stay ahead of emerging trends and challenges in the dynamic and ever-evolving footwear industry.

The summit also highlighted how this data-driven approach extends beyond mere quality control. By leveraging the rich insights provided by Hitek Solution's software, New Balance can make informed decisions about everything from material selection to production processes, ensuring that every aspect of their operation is optimized for quality and efficiency.