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Empowering businesses with comprehensive solutions across Depot Container, Property Management, Warehousing, and Inspection

Unlock your digital potential with our comprehensive business transformation tools

Illuminating your data landscape and uncover hidden business insights through our data modeling and visualization expertise


About Us

Hitek Solution specializes in consulting and developing software solutions for businesses. We offer application software products and custom development services to meet your specific needs.

Our company's team includes highly skilled professionals in many fields, with extensive experience in surveying, consulting and implementing software systems to ensure the best service for customers.

Hitek Solution is confident in always keeping up with the latest technology platforms and staying ahead of industry trends to create the most advanced products.


Providing innovative solutions for businesses' information technology needs and challenges.

Depot Container Management System

Enables efficient tracking, repair, and inspection of containers, and can seamlessly integrate with EDI data from shipping lines for end-to-end visibility and optimization.

Warehouse Management System

Emerges as the game-changer, transforming your warehouse operations into a streamlined, profit-driven hub with regulations across the board in the international supply chain.

Property Management System

Streamlines everything from tenant communication to maintenance requests. Experience seamless management and elevate your property operations to the next level.

Real-time Inspection System

Empowers brands, retailers and manufacturers in industries improve quality and compliance at every tier of the global supply chain.

Feature Apps

Accelerating digital transformation for sustainable business growth and development

HitekRIM™ facilitate real-time monitoring and handling of incident reports, empowers organizations to improve overall operational efficiency.

HitekCRM™ streamlines business processes and enhance customer relationships.

Inspect360™ enables detailed classifications with images, providing a comprehensive digital audit trail to support quality control.

Real-time Incident Management
Customer Relationship Management
Inspection App


Consulting and developing solutions for businesses' information technology needs, including application software products.

three men laughing while looking in the laptop inside room
three men laughing while looking in the laptop inside room
woman holding laptop beside toddler in gray jacket
woman holding laptop beside toddler in gray jacket
Data Visualization

Performing robust data analysis with PowerBI and building reporting analytics for business's data visualization needs.

Developer Platform

Develop software solutions tailored to the digital transformation needs identified through comprehensive business surveys.

Hitek Solution provided exceptional data visualization and analysis services for our business. Highly recommend!

Mr. Khanh Ong - GM THC Group

shallow focus photo of woman using laptop computer
shallow focus photo of woman using laptop computer



The HitekPMS software has been a powerful tool that supports us in our sales, revenue, and expense management. The quick analytical data from the intelligent reporting system helps us to promptly evaluate, address, and develop effective business strategies for the future.

Ms. Chau Nguyen - CEO Dai Minh Group